Friday, June 29, 2012

Preliminary Thoughts on Supreme Court Decisions

Put simply, I'm not sure what I feel about it.  I haven't had much time to analyze the details.  My initial reaction was "But the government didn't say it was a tax, they argued they have the right to mandate that the public purchase insurance under the commerce law."  So, I was pretty surprised by the decision, as were most people notwithstanding whether they lean left or right.

As a primer to learn more about the decision and the law, here is a link to Tyler Cowen.  He also links to several other comments.

More to come.

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Mike B. said...

I'm a great supporter of most of the "Obama Care" act that has been passed, It has allowed me to stay on my parents insurance longer (so thats a plus) but I still don't think that enough is being done to mandate insurance costs RIGHT NOW. In the past 3 years by co-pay as doubled and each year my parents insurance company is making us be responsible for more and more of the cost of our healthcare coverage. (My parents on there own business, note). If this increase keeps taking place it is going to become extremely unaffordable for business owners to keep having private insurance, so therefore not before long will everyone need sub-plimental insurance from the government in order to not have to pay a fine for not having insurance... will this just not increase debt more?