Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In an interview in Saturday's WSJ, Marc Rubio outlined a few of his key positions. I agree with his remarks.

Rubio is for the following:
1. Lower capital gains taxes.
2. Decrease corporate tax rates from 35% (second highest in developed world) to at the highest 25%

"The bottom line is that jobs in America are created by people who decide to start a business or expand an existing business." They will do so only if allowed to keep what they earn and don't have a "big target on their back for the government to come after them for higher taxes.

America's swelling debts will trigger a demand by global lenders that "America do something, either cut spending, which will be increasingly painful as government becomes a bigger and bigger part of the economy, or find sources of revenue." Then, amid a crisis, Democrats will force voters to accept a Value Added Tax or see dramatic cuts to Social Security and Medicare just as the baby boomers are entering retirement.

What do you think?

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