Tuesday, March 23, 2010

From WSJ Opinion Article, Friday, March 19, 2010. By Kimberley A. Strassel

Paraphrase of Article:
Jason Altmire is the Pennsylvania House Democrat who has become a key possible switch vote in his party's plans to pass unpopular health legislation. He voted no on the first house bill for the simple reason that it offended his constituents.
Mr. Altmire won his 2006 election by campaigning as a pro-veteran, pro-business, pro-drilling, pro-life democrat. He's held on to his seat by flacking his conservative credentials, most recently by flying to Haiti to help jailed missionaries. To explain why he voted no in November to the health care package, he just said "My district isn't there."

Mrs. Pelosi and the left are there, and unfortunately for Mr. Altmire, they had him pegged as a junior member vulnerable to tender persuasion. Within a week of his no vote, Moveon.org was up in his district with vicious ads, warning they'd mobilize against him this fall. In the past, Democratic House leaders helped get Mr. Altmire's legislation and amendments a vote, so he could show folks back home he was effective. No more. Party money-crucial for a new member in a district that leans right? No. Union dollars-more than a half-million that went to Mr. Altmire's past two campaigns? Gone.

End of Paraphrase.

What do you guys think of this treatment of dissenting members of a party. It goes on in both political parties obviously. What are the ramifications for this treatment of dissenting voters?

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