Monday, September 10, 2012

Teachers on Strike in Chicago

When I see the pictures of striking teachers in Chicago, I experience many emotions. 

A few points:
  • Chicago teachers rejected a 16% pay raise.  See here.
  • They have the highest average teacher salary in the nation.  See here. 
  • The average teacher in Chicago makes $76,000  per year before benefits.  See here. 
 The last point means that someone that teaches children how to color might be making as much as a chemical engineer.  Granted, not all teachers are overpaid, and not all teachers teach coloring.  The problems in education are vast.  But it is incredibly hard to feel sorry for the teachers in Chicago.

I agree with one analysis that says the strike is just a political maneuver designed to allow Rahm Emmanuel and President Obama come in, end the strike, get credit for being awesome.

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