Thursday, August 09, 2012

The Myth of Overpopulation.

Cafe Hayek — where orders emerge

Boudreaux concisely refutes the idea that the earth is overcrowded.
1) More people are living longer and healthier lives than at any time in history.  So, overcrowding is not causing people to die early or lack nutrients (an argument that a specific location or country suffers from this issue is a different argument than global overcrowding).
2) The idea that overcrowding causes global warming is usually met with proposals to reduce the number of babies in the world.  But, babies and the elderly both cause CO2 emissions.  In fact, an elderly person with a car, home, etc imaginably produces much more.  So, why do we not see proposals to reduce the number of the elderly?  I can't imagine a satisfactory answer here.  Anyone want to try?

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