Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More on The Debt Crisis

I like Tyler Cowen's Post from Marginal Revolution.  I agree.

I have a friend in politics (minor politics) that I trust.  The impression I get is that both sides are done working on the debt deal.  Now, they are sitting around a table and going over the talking points that are necessary (from their perspective) to satisfy their constituents.  Both sides will come out and claim victory and present to the public why and how they defeated their opponents.  The debt deal is being revised, tiny details added, so that various members of the legislature can claim victory back at their geographical base.

This may seem obvious.  Why would anyone come out and say, "Yes, the Republican's/Democrats handed us our butts."  But most of the discussion in the blogosphere seems centered around why and whether the two parties can work together.  My guess, they already have.  Now they're just trying to solidify talking points.

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