Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Motivational Recessions?

My levels of motivation follow a cyclical pattern. Some weeks I cannot wait to get out of bed and begin my day. These weeks are precious and represent the best version myself. When in this mindset I can absorb information and churn out ideas at a frenetic pace. Other weeks, I get out of bed when I have to and do enough work to prevent feeling guilty.

During these slow times I wish for the fast pace times of high motivation but it doesn't seem to translate into action. I've found a useful tool to make these slow times productive. I look at this period as a time of retrenchment, where I look over my vast list of ideas formulated during the 'fast times' and pick the best ones. I then write out strategies and objectives to advance those ideas. Some ideas are put on the backburners, or put out of their misery. But, I know that a period of high motivation is around the corner, and I don't sweat the loss of ideas, they will be replaced.

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